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Disassembly and reassembly

The most important foundation for a smooth relocation is the professional dismantling of machines and production equipment. Depending on the transportation, the separation points are set and marked by our team. After geometric actual state protocol, the machines are dismantled into transportable units. Creating Cable assignment plans and identifying the connections enable a rapid reassembly. When refitting, the units are aligned and fully connected, up to machine operation or even the commissioning of the plants.



Your equipment can also be taken into operation from our team. Depending on the customer requirements, all the required steps of the functionality test of the machine capability study (MFU) are performed. Furthermore, we can look after your equipment as required during production.



A classic task for us is the internal cross-transport. We are moving up to 60 tons with our own equipment. Safety is always our top priority, therefore we diverse equipment is brought into use. For larger pieces, we draw on long-standing partner companies. We also organize further transport by truck, rail, aircraft and ships. Special permits and transport accompaniments are requested and processed by us.

Logistics & packaging

Each relocation is a logistical task. Whether a road transport or air or sea transport is to take place, we take over the entire organization for you. This begins with the selection of packaging such as containers or boxes, and ends with the shipment and unloading and unpacking at destination. You have only one contact - ASMOTEC. We coordinate and schedule all of the individual authorities, insurance companies and processes.